Monday, 2 April 2012

Tropic Pure Plant Skin Care

Tropic Pure Plant Skin Care

During my visit to the Ideal Home Exhibition at Earls Court, I came across the Tropic Pure Plant Skin Care stand. I was greeted by a lovely gent and he very eloquently informed me of what products they provide and how they benefit your skin.
Tropic Pure Plant Skin Care are an all natural company that uses only 100% plant extracts, founded by Susan Ma (A finalist in the UK series of The Apprentice).

All products are approved by The Vegan Society and against animal testing, which I something I feel very passionate about. 

All products are free from paraffin, petrolatum, petro-chemicals, parabens or any other synthetic ingredients that have no nutritional benefit for your skin.

I picked up the Smoothing Cleanser, Vitamin Toner, Skin Revive Moisturizer, Organic Bamboo Face Cloth and Lip Love. All this for £35!!! (special exhibition deal)

I have only used these products for a couple of days now and I have already fallen in love and walked down the aisle.
I found this at the perfect time in my life (as I am currently changing all of my products to be paraben free), A match made in heaven. <3


  1. these products look great, fab blog btw :-)
    Hollie x

    1. They really are, I have been using them for 4 days now and my skin is loving them! Wonder products.
      Your blog is fabulous too, your photography is beautiful.