Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Favourites

Okay, so I have been really neglecting my blog recently and I feel terrible about it! :( 
 Sooooo I have decided to write a blog entry everyday for the month of July. So here is the first one for the month, Hope you enjoy 'Bloguly'! 

June Favourites 

Lush 'Angels on Bare Skin'- Fabulous everyday cleaner full of lavender and almond milk, amazing to achieve beautiful glowing skin!

NYX 'Nude on Nude' Palette- Every nude you would need for you everyday eye look, plus it come with lip colours! Cheaper than the Urban Decay 'Naked' palettes too! 

Burt's bees Lip balm- Now, i'm not at all a fan of those lip 'tingle' products but there is something very refreshing about this lip balm, very hydrating and love the freshness of the peppermint oil!

Bio Sculpt gel nails in French Manicure. This stuff is amazing! I have had my manicure for well over a week now and my digits still look beauty palour fresh. No Parabens and No animal testing which is a huge thumbs up for me.

Hair care
Macadamia Oil, I pinched a bit from a friend whilst sharing a hotel room, this stuff is  Bea-u-ti-full and so nourishing for my dry ends! Deffo picking some up next time i'm in town. A mush have!

Good Things 'Dream Cream' Night Cream-This cream is extremely moisturing! A delicate scent of Fig and Avacardo, delightful! 

Burt's Bees 'Naturally Ageless Eye Line Smoothing creme'- Now this is my first ever eye creme, so i have no comparison, butttt I love this! My eyes feel so hydrated and less puffy, I'm 
only 23 and don't really have issues with fine lines and wrinkles (yet) But prevention is key! Love

Lush 'Soft Couer' Massage bar- Ridiculous yummy smelling, It has the same scent as 'Honey I washed the Kids' soap but with a chocolate twist, andddd the chocolate insert is edible! I use this on my legs as a moisturiser but fabulous for sharing on a special night in *Wink,Wink ;) *

I am currently testing out all perfumes from Lush, Current love is 'Breath of God', I think a future blog post on Lush's perfumes will feature in 'Bloguly' Keep your eyes peeled if this intrigues you :)

Lush 'Fizzbanger', this apple scented bath bomb is soo much fun! Listen to it crackle from the popping candy and their is a little surprise inside. :) 

Rituals Yogi Flow- A gorgeous Indian Rose and Almond Oil scented foaming shower gel, If you love Imperial Leather foaming gels, then you will love this luxurious, organic and nasties free (parabens) alternative! Very addictive scent.  

Hope you enjoyed this post and try out some of my favourites, you won't be disappointed!



  1. I looooove the Yogi shower gel by Rituals it smelly so delicious!And the palette is so beautiful.
    Maybe we could follow each other?xx

    1. I lovee the Yogi shower gel! Going to be devastated when I run out. Of course, all ready followed honey :) x